Hill Climb Racing 2: Unlock New Cars And Locations To Play


It is a fact that Hill climb racing is one of the best racing game in mobile devices. So after the success of the first part of the game the developers Fingersoft have launched its second part which is crazier. It is a car racing game which held on mountains, jungle, sky, stars, the developers have made tracks everywhere for racing. Players can unlock many types of Cars and racing tracks with the help of game currencies and hill climb racing 2 cheats to achieve rewards easily.

Know about new cars in the game

At the beginning of the game, players only have one unlockable jeep, but as the players earn coins and complete the races and events, they can get more new cars. The game has more than twenty cars, all of them are unique and players can unlock them with coins. Some cars following below –

·          Jeep – This vehicle is unlocked at the beginning of the game to unlock other vehicles.

·          Bus – Buses are so heavy and these heavy vehicles do not accelerate faster, but the handling is good of these vehicles.

·          Tractors – Favorite of farmers this vehicle is faster than heavy vehicles and controlling them is also easy.

·          Sports car – The sports car is the most favourite vehicle in the game because of its handling and speed.

·          Tank – Tanks is the heaviest vehicle in the game and controlling it is so easy.

Racing Tracks

In the game, there are various adventures racing tracks. Just one track is unlocked at the beginning and after players can unlock more locations with coins and hill climb racing 2 cheats. Every location is different from other and more diversified. These tracks are following below –

·          Forest

·          Mountain

·          Rustbucket Reef

·          Mines

·          Beach

·          Desert valley